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At the Enzyme Development Department, we offer our expertise in technical design and development:

CAD, strengths of materials, calculation notes, reverse engineering, etc.

Equipped with advanced design tools, our designers transform the designers’ sketches into manufacturing

plans. Our prototype and assembly workshop makes it possible to validate ideas and designs and produce

finished objects, ready to be sold.

We process single pieces as well as very small series in-house.

For more sizable productions, we can supervise manufacturing at the specialist of your choice.

Through our designers’ creativity and experience in engineering, we collaborate closely with major actors

in contemporary art (artists, galleries, museums, etc.) and all creative professions (designers, architects,

scenographers, etc.).

We respect constraints (feasibility, costs, deadlines, etc.) right from the design phase, remaining attentive

to the conceptual demands of the creator. We then offer the relevant effective resources to develop

the pieces, ever more complex and ambitious.

We support creators from the idea for the work through to its installation in the four corners of the world.

We support creators in their most beautiful dream: to bring the abstract to life.


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