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Speciality Product

Attentive and reactive, we support our clients throughout their projects, from design through

to industrialisation. We also offer strategic consultation involvement in advance of the actual creation phases.

Centred mainly on the volume and the object, our skills in product creation and development are

an effective supplement to those of traditional agencies, specialising in strategy, brand image and graphics.

Our integrated research department and large prototyping workshops allow us to supplement our creative

services by drawing up technical documents (calculation notes, strengths of materials, etc.)

as well as functional models or even single pieces ready for sale.

At Enzyme we are expanding our particular approach to innovative projects to the world of exceptional

packaging and merchandising. Our agency's path is already punctuated with experiences and encounters within

this field: Evian’s Drop of Water with the agency Urvoy & Calibani, point of sale advertising and packshots for

César, Bourjois’ Archipel merchandising system, volumes for Bel, etc.

Our constant close collaborations with leading actors in contemporary art anchor our reflection at the heart

of burgeoning trends, nourishing our creativity.


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