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    sculpture carried out in our buildings and installed in Osan in Korea


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    for the counterpart of an exception jewel


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    by Laurent Deroo architect

Enzyme develops, manufactures and installs extraordinary objects where inventiveness and adaptability are essential. 
The team's skills are honed on technical design and manufacturing monitoring. This means they can imagine any possible design. 
Project management through feasibility studies right up to installation on site, anywhere in the world. 

Today this design capability draws people from all creative environments - from the luxury industry to contemporary art and design. 

Integration of various means of production ensures both quality and meeting deadlines. Our know-how has received the Living Heritage Company label.


  • Point of Invasion


    Painted aluminium sculpture by Invader, installed at MGLC (Ljubjana, Slovenia) for the exhibition "Prints on paper".
  • Buggin


    Series of 8 sculptures by the artist Jerkface. Height = 365mm + 20mm base. Polyurethane paint and handmade decorations.

    Jerkface / Maddox Gallery, London
  • Furniture for Statement


    Furniture for the presentation of jewelry pieces in the parisian boutique of Statement. A light drawer console + seven stelae with remote-controlled electric opening. Brushed aluminium.

    Design : F. Sumi / Photo : Quentin Lacombe
    Furniture for Statement
  • Spin


    Sculpture by Caroline Corbasson.
    Painted aluminum and polished brass.
    Photo : © Charlotte Toscan.
  • HAG dispenser


    Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers that can be operated with the foot or elbow. Contains a 5 liter can.
    Personalization by digital engraving. Provided to SNCF and RATP.
    Design : Enzyme.
    HAG dispenser
  • L'Onde du Midi


    Development, manufacturing and installation of an aluminum structure for the work of Elias Crespin "LOnde du Midi" installed in Le Louvre Museum, Escalier du Midi, Paris.
  • Music Box


    Infinite video column created by Jean-Paul Goude for the exhibition "In Goude We trust" by Chanel in Milan.

    From 15/11/19 to 31/12/19
  • La Crocodile


    The artists Xavier Veilhan and Olivier Mosset have joined forces to create this monumental sculpture "La Crocodile", installed in front of the new Plateforme 10 museum in Lausanne.
  • Mur Cinétique


    Kinetic wall of Charlotte Perriand made from archives, photos and memories of her daughter Pernette.
    "The New World" exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation (Paris).

    From 02/10/19 to 24/02/2020
  • Caissons laiton


    Design and manufacture of 2 boxes in nickel-plated brass supporting vinyl records, reproduction after sketch by Charlotte Perriand, for the Louis Vuitton Foundation.
    Caissons laiton
  • Fleurs suspendues


    1,500 white flowers for this monumental ornamental suspension by Maud Caubet the Hall of L'Oréal's head office in Levallois-Perret.
  • La Grande Bibliothèque


    Manufacturing and installation of a large library designed by Maud Caubet for the Hall of L'Oréal's head office in Levallois-Perret.
  • Escalier Versailles


    Engineering and manufacture of a spiral staircase for HW Architect.
    Installation at the Château de Versailles for the "Visible Invisible" 2019 Exhibition.
  • Mobile Rinascente


    Monumental mobile by Xavier Veilhan installed at La Risnascente, Via del Tritone in Rome.
  • Casino de Cherbourg


    Technical design, manufacture and installation of a sign for the Casino de Cherbourg, designed by VEI architects.


    We are currently looking for a CDI to be filled immediately, a prototypist-digital machining technician to strengthen our team at the workshop.
  • Natasha


    Developed and manufactured by us, Xavier Veilhan's Natasa is currently on display at the 313 Art Project Gallery in Seoul from 10/01 to 15/02/2019.

    © Veilhan / ADAGP Paris 2019
  • Pot météorite


    Large drilling in a meteorite for the great Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer.
    Pot météorite
  • From Paris with Love


    Engineering, manufacturing and installation of a work of art by Bruno Peinado at the Porte de Saint-Ouen (Paris) as an extension of the T3 tram line. Prodcution : Arter.
  • Bird


    Work of art by Xavier Veilhan. Folded and lacquered aluminum bird, paint finish, lenght : 2,30m.

    © Veilhan / ADAGP Paris 2018
  • Météorite


    3-dimensional cut of a crescent moon in a meteorite for the great Parisian jeweler Lorenz Bäumer.
  • Light Box à New York


    Installation of Pierre Huyghe's LightBox presented by the Marian Goodman Gallery at Frieze Art in New York last May.
  • Treuil au Grand Palais


    Development, manufacture and installation of a winch for the lifting of a work by Elias Crespin over the south staircase of the Grand Palais.
    Réunion des Musées Nationaux.
  • Great Mobiles


    The Enzyme team began the year in South Korea, busy setting up artist Xavier Veilhan's two large scale mobiles at the Incheon airport.

    © Veilhan / ADAGP, 2017
  • Enseigne Mozinor


    For better legibility, our industrial area was given a sign whose Enzyme ensured the engineering, the manufacturing and the installation.


    Installation of the sculptures of Xavier Veilhan manufactured by our care Place Edmond Michelet at Paris.
    The Architects of Beaubourg make thus in front of their work.

    © Veilhan / ADAGP, 2013
  • Repetto


    The new shop in the Archers street in Lyon has just opened, fitted out by the architect Pascale Perrier.
    Enzyme made rods and stands in brushed brass and varnished oak.
  • APC - Enseigne Rue Royale


    Enzyme a installé la nouvelle enseigne de la boutique APC, rue Royale à Paris.
    Dessinée par l'agence Laurent Deroo Architecte, nous l'avons mise au point et fabriquée (laiton brossé verni et néons blancs).



    Enzyme developed and manufactured furnitures and sign for the ECLECTIC new shop — Rue Marbeur in Paris (cash-desk, seats, shelves, mirror, hanger rails,…).
  • Animated photographs


    17 photographs printed on textile animated for an event which proceeded in Seoul in June 2017.
  • Trophées MH - Edition 2017


    2017 edition of the Moët Hennessy Innovation Awards by Maison Sagan : new interderence pigments finish on the wave.
  • Francisco Sobrino


    “Modus Operandi” exhibition is actually in the Mitterrand Gallery in Paris - from the 05/05 to the 07/08/2017.

  • Lustre 175 N.E.40th Street, Miami


    For the new store of Isabel Marant in Miami, the architecture agency Laurent Deroo, entrusted to us the manufacture of a large lamp made of aluminium and polished stainless.
  • Marine Marchant


    Work of Xavier Veilhan made of 200 painted stainless facets.
    Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery, Paris.

    © Veilhan/ADAGP, Paris, 2017.
  • Homer Bob


    Modeling and manufacture of a series of 8 sculptures of Jerkface. Over The Influence Gallery, Hong-Kong.

  • "Pickpocket" à la FIAC de Paris 2016


    The FIAC of Paris was held of the 20 at October 23, 2016.
    We manufactured for Julien Prévieux a part made up of aluminium cones brushed, assembled skew. Work was exposed by the Jousse Gallery to the Grand Palais.
  • Jean-Marc


    Work of Xavier Veilhan made of 192 painted stainless facets.
    Andrehn Schiptjenko Gallery, Stockholm.

    Photo © Diane Arques
    © Veilhan/ADAGP, Paris, 2016.
  • Météorite


    Created by the artist Benoît Broisat, this 316L stainless geodetic sphere (Ø1,70m) microblasted and varnished is installed in Impernal College in Luzech.
  • Mobile Perpetuum - Pierre Ardouvin


    Enzyme developed, manufactured, motorized and installed 3 large mobiles (± 1500 kg) made up of steel bars and pieces of furniture for Pierre Ardouvin.
    The unit was exposed to Mac Val.
  • Haute joaillerie Chanel


    Arter elected us to carry out a counterpart scale 10 of a Chanel collar and its cage for the exposure “Miss Privé” who was held in Saatchi Gallery of London of October 13 to November 1, 2015.
  • Enzyme est une Entreprise du Patrimoins Vivant !


    We are proud to announce to you that the Economy and Industry Ministry has just allotted the label to us «Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant», distinguishing excellence from our know-how.
    We will endeavour to be worthy about it and to propos
  • Sapins de Noël


    5 decorations for trees for Christmas 2015 created by Jean-Baptiste Sibertin-Blanc for luxury hotels at Courchevel, Maldives and St Barthelemy.
    Enzyme has made all the brass supports, leaf gilded.
  • Le Mobile N°26 au 10 ans du MacVal


    On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the MAC VAL Museum located in Vitry-sur-Seine, organising «L’Effet Vertigo» exhibition where participate differents artists whose Xavier Veilhan.
    We have designed, manufactured and installed t
  • Série #3 - Louis Vuitton


    Following the first serie in February, Mécanique Générale and Louis Vuitton have placed again their trust in us for the realisation of a third set of models very detailed which is to present shoes and accessories during the « Louis Vuitton Se
  • Bruce - Space Invaders


    Bruce is a sculpture of the famous street artist Invader, whose mosaics invaded all the major capitals, including the international space station. Made out of painted aluminium, it was installed in HongKong at the time of the exhibition “Wip
  • Le patineur – Xavier Veilhan


    More than 2 years studies and have been necessary to complete this sculpture with multiple technical and logistic challenges. This project was the subject of a continued collaboration with Korean experts.
  • Série #2 - Louis Vuitton


    Mécanique Générale 3D and Louis VUITTON entrusted to Enzyme the manufacture of a set of mannequins put in scene for the road shows Series #2 de Louis Vuitton, whose first place in Los Angeles in February 2015 had.