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impression 3D

We have a workshop dedicated to additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping in general (see also our Digital Machining section).
Dedicated 3D modeling software (industrial CAD, free and organic forms, generative modeling) for all types of achievements from sketches or from 3D files of all formats. In addition to allowing very complex shapes, additive manufacturing guarantees to consume only the necessary material, without excess or waste.

FDM printing (wire deposit) 300 x 200 x 300mm; many rigid and flexible materials (PLA, ABS, TPU, PC, carbon or metal loaded wires ...). Quick and economical prints.

SLA laser stereolithography (145 x 145 x 175mm): 25 micron layers, 140 micron laser; various rigid, flexible, transparent resins with a high level of precision. Very precise and homogeneous parts.

Our network of specialized partners also gives us quick access to all other technologies and large formats (SLA, SLS, SLM (metal), powders, color prints ...).