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Grand Mobile


Monumental installation at the Georges Pompidou Center.

The mobile is composed of a steel structure supporting 25 inflatable spheres.

Exhibition at Valencia.

Exhibition at Paris for the Nuit Blanche, in the court of the Paris City Hall.

Exhibition at Toronto.

Breadth: 35 metres.
Total weight: more than 700kg.
Steel, stainless steel, PVC.

Insertion according to the ground survey and artist will
Manufacture of the structural elements
Management of spheres making

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    2006, installation pour la Nuit Blanche, dans la cour de l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris, 2006.
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    Photo : Studio Veilhan, Exposition à Valencia, 2005.
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    Photo : Melissa Goldstein, Brookfield Place, Toronto, 2007.

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    Installation au Grand Palais à l'occasion d'une soirée pour célébrer un siècle de lumière et de mouvement dans l’art, "We Love Dynamo", 2013.